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Monday, September 24, 2007

Terms & Conditions

[1] No reservation of slots. Only paid orders will be taken or unless deposit is given.

[2] Please double check item name, URL and price. I will not proceed with your orders if unsure.

[2a]If item went OOS upon my ordering, i will emailed spree-er about it before hand and i will wait 1 day for the response if not we will just proceed to prevent other spree-er item went OOS.

[2b]If there is top up needed for the item, we will inform after the spree parcel arrived. Due to high volume of emails, we will only check the order calculation after spree parcel arrived.

[2c]Item might get OOS when the concierge service order or even still, while shipping out the items that i've ordered, item might get OOS upon ordering. It will also be inform after item arrive. We also doesn't know what item went Out of Stock. Refund will be made after item arrive.

[3] If merchant ships the wrong / damaged item over, I'm not responsible for any returns costs that have to be incurred (if any).

[4] Cancellation of item made after payment would only be refunded. Please verify with me first.

[5] No more items to be in after spree closes.

[6] ATM payment transactions are to be posted on the same day of order.

[7] No refunds will be given when there is exchange excess.

[8] Add items to cart to ensure they're in stock before ordering. No backordered items accepted unless otherwise stated

[9] I reserve the right to change the mode of shipping/cancel the spree when responses are not met.

[10] All updates done via E-Mail. There would be 3 updates in total:
- Merchant ships order out
- Agent (e.g. vPOST or CGW) ships order out
- Order Arrival / Collection of Local Postage

[11] Distribution of items are non-negotiable.

[12] Combining postage is to be informed via E-Mail prior to arrival of items. State clearly which spree you wish to combine. Once items have been packaged, combining postage isn't an option. If any oversight on my part to combine your postage even after you've informed via the correct way, I'm in no way liable as combining postage is a favour and should never be taken for granted. Spree-ers would still have to bear the cost of the postage and no alternative would be offered.

[13] Refunds are done only after order has arrived and items are ready for distribution. Only items that are out of stock prior to ordering would get their refund upon spree closure. Spree-ers who have outstanding items in the same spree would have their refund offsetted against local postage during 2nd payment & any remaining refunded.

[14] In the event should any items be missing/damaged from shipment, all spree-ers in that shipment will share equal burden of refund to compensate the party involved. This doesn't applies to items damaged during local postage.

[15] Wrappings
- All packages are packed in envelope, sealed with scotch tape and marker written for name / address
- If items are unable to fit into the biggest size envelope (A3), it would be wrapped in brown paper. Items that doesn't come with plastic wrapping will be wrapped as it is unless spree-er have special requests
- For special wrappings (boxes / bubblewrap etc.), please expect delays of up to 5days for your items to be sent out.
- I am NOT responsible if the package arrive to you damage / torn. If you're worried about that happening, please email me prior to spree arrival to get your items packed in SingPost PostPac boxes.

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